crane overturning

crane overturning

Eight Measures to Help You Solve the Problem of Crane Overturning

Lifting machinery due to its work particularity, structural particularity, in the work because of improper operation, improper binding of suspended objects and equipment itself defects and other reasons, there may be tipping accidents, life-threatening, in order to prevent unnecessary injury caused by crane overturning, need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The driving road and parking place should be flat and solid

The underground soft soil layer and foundation pit should be tamped and reinforced. The road surface should be flat and solid. If necessary, the crane walking part should be laid with sleepers, roadbed boxes or thick steel plate tracks.

2. The crane sling to maintain vertical stability

When the crane is vertical, the lifting, falling and turning of the boom should be smooth, and it should not shake in the air, and it should avoid emergency braking or shock vibration as much as possible. The crane is strictly prohibited from overload lifting, so as not to accelerate the wear of mechanical parts and cause the crane to tip over.

3. Crane operators should take emergency measures

In the hoisting process, if the operation is interrupted due to power failure or mechanical failure, measures must be taken to deal with it, and the component shall not be suspended for a long time.

4. Crane sling ring to bind firmly

The slings and rings of the lashing members should be calculated, and the lifting tools used should be repaired and inspected regularly, and the damaged ones should be replaced; The tying method should be correct and reliable to prevent the sling from breaking or slipping from the component during hoisting, so that the crane suddenly loses weight and tilts over.

5. The crane should have a special person responsible for unified command

Command personnel should be located within sight of the operator, and can clearly see the whole process of hoisting; The crane driver must be familiar with the signal, and operate according to the various signals of the command personnel, abide by the field procedures, obey the command, and shall not leave the post without authorization; Command signals should be unified in advance, and the signals sent should be clear and accurate.

6. The operation of large components to find out the weight and binding firmly

Members with unknown weight and weak binding shall not be lifted to prevent the crane boom from breaking.

7. Multiple cranes at the same time to pay attention to keep distance

When two or more lifting machinery work at the same time, the safety distance between the suspended components of the two machines should be maintained at least 5 meters to avoid collision accidents.

8. The crane to avoid full load

At full load or near full load, it is strictly prohibited to carry out two actions of lifting and turning at the same time, so as to avoid overloading the crane due to uneven road or inertia force and other reasons, resulting in rollouts.