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A Crane hook set, a relatively common spreader, is mainly used in lifting machinery. The crane hook set is mainly suspended on the wire rope of the hoisting mechanism with the help of roller skates and other components. The main components of the crane hook group are the hook, moving pulley, pulley shaft, and bearings. The crane hook set has to withstand very large forces during work and is often impacted by force. Therefore, the materials used in the crane hook set generally have better performance, especially very good toughness, such as high-quality carbon steel, etc. Common materials for hook sets. When using the crane hook set, it must be noted that the object must not be lifted when the weight of the object is not reduced violently, or when the physical weight is overloaded. There is also a situation where the crane hook group needs to hoist objects when there are people or floating objects on them, and when the safety device fails, be sure not to hoist objects.

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Glory Rail is based on rail systems. At the same time, we expanded the research, development, and production of crane hooks. Provide different types of lifting hook products for various cranes and port machinery equipment.

Our engineers consider a variety of factors, including the crane’s load capacity, working environment, safety standards, etc., to design a suitable crane hook.

Material Selection: We use high-quality high-strength steel to manufacture the hook to ensure its durability and safety under high loads.

Processing and manufacturing: Our hook production factory has many years of processing experience and technology accumulation. Continuously improve the cutting, forging, welding, and heat treatment processes of steel to ensure that the hook achieves the required shape and performance.

Quality Control: Throughout the entire production process, quality control is crucial. Glory Rail uses strict inspection standards and quality control procedures to ensure that the hooks comply with relevant international and industry standards while ensuring their safety and reliability.

Assembly and Testing: Once the hook is completed, we assemble and test it. To ensure the performance and safety of the hook in actual work.

Market supply: GloryRail provides various types of hooks for global lifting equipment projects. This includes delivery to various engineering projects, construction sites, ports, etc.


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