crane drum


The crane drum is an important part of the crane and is used to reel in and release the wire rope or chain from the crane hook. Its main function is to provide winding and release control of the hook and to provide necessary support and force transmission when lifting objects.

Structure: The crane drum is usually supported by a large bearing and is fixed to the main structure of the crane. It is usually made of steel or other high-strength materials to withstand weight and stress.

Control: The drum is usually equipped with an electric or hydraulic system so that the operator can control the winding and release speed of the drum. This control system ensures that the hook reels and releases at the appropriate speed and force to meet specific lifting requirements.

Safety: Crane drums must be designed with safety in mind. It is usually equipped with various safety devices, such as limit switches, overload protection devices, etc., to ensure that no accidents occur during work.

Maintenance: In order to ensure the normal operation of the crane drum, regular maintenance and inspection are necessary. This includes lubricating bearings, checking the working condition of electric or hydraulic systems, checking safety devices, etc.

Application: Crane drums are widely used in various industrial fields, such as construction, ports, ships, manufacturing, etc., for tasks such as lifting, loading and unloading, and transportation.

The crane drum is one of the key components of the crane’s function, and its design and performance directly affect the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the crane.

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