crane end stop

crane end stop

Setting Requirements for Crane End Stop

The crane end stop is the last safety limit device for the crane to run to the track terminal. Once the operator makes a mistake, the brake fails, and the terminal electrical limit does not play a protective role, the crane will collide with the end stop. Because the crane itself has a large mass and its own motion inertia is also large, it will have a great impact at this time. If the design, manufacture and installation of the terminal stop are not firm and reliable, the terminal stop can not effectively resist the collision load, which is easy to cause the accident of the crane running out of the track and directly impacting the plant, and may cause the collapse of the plant in serious cases, which should cause our great attention.

Many enterprises do not pay attention to the setting of crane end stop, and some cranes do not set end stop at all; Or one end of the track is set, the other side is not set; Or only weld a steel plate on the crane track, without strengthening the support, and the height is less than half of the height of the end beam, there is a safety hazard.

Enterprise crane should be set up end stop device, end stop should meet the following:

1) The height of the crane end stop should not be lower than the height of the crane end beam;

2) The crane end stop should have a buffer device, generally using rubber buffer block, and corresponding to the position of the buffer block on the crane end beam;

3) The crane end stop should be set to strengthen the support

4) The terminal stop should not be directly connected with the crane track to prevent the crane track from loosening in the event of a collision, resulting in track offset, track bolts or pressure plate loose fall, resulting in accidents.

The buffer has a good performance of absorbing the energy of the moving mechanism and reducing the impact, mainly hydraulic, polyurethane or rubber material, spring type.

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