wheel gnawing rail

wheel gnawing rail

What is the Cause of the Wheel Gnawing Rail of the Bridge Crane?


Bridge crane in the whole process of operation caused by rail gnawing will promote the wheels and rail use period to reduce, more serious lifting equipment derailment, resulting in machinery and equipment damage and personal safety accidents, rail and roof girder often not the same level of destruction. Rail gnawing is caused by the expansion of the operating friction resistance caused by the tightening of the wheel rim and the rail during the operation of the lifting equipment wheels.

According to the experience, the main reasons for gnawing the rails are summarized as follows: the rail position is prohibited, the distance between the wheels is wrong, and the bridge deformation is caused.

The wheel puzzle:

There are several types of rail gnawing caused by inaccurate installation positions of the wheels.

1. The wheel level error is too large: when the wheel is installed, the level error is required not to exceed I/1000(I is the measured length on the wheel), and the tilt azimuth of the two wheels on the same center line is relative, otherwise the wheel must chew the rail.

2. Vertical of the wheel: the error is too large. That is, the inner hole axis of the wheel produces an intersection Angle with the plumb line, and the wheel is in a skew situation. The vertical error of the wheel should not be large l/400, and the gnawing rail caused by the vertical error of the wheel is only the active wheel, which is irrelevant to the general tapping wheel.

3. The wheel distance is not in a straight line and the two wheels on the same rail are not parallel and linear, which will also lead to the lifting equipment wheels chewing the rail.

Track problem:

The relative design elevation error of the two rails is too large, the lifting equipment causes transverse movement in the whole process of operation, resulting in the gnawing rail on the same side of the two adjacent rail wall top does not have the same sea level, when the lifting equipment operates to the rail connection head, the wheel will move horizontally, and then produce the gnawing rail problem, the rail top surface has oil, water, frost, etc., will make the rail run off. The slant of the car body causes the gnawing of the rail, the level bending of the rail is too large, and when the span size tolerance is exceeded, it must cause the friction between the wheel rim and the side of the rail.

Cable bridge deformation

The deformation of the cable bridge will eventually cause the tilt of the wheels and the change of the span of the lifting equipment, and then bend the end beam level, resulting in the tilt of the wheels level, vertical error deviation, resulting in the wheels gnawing the rail.

Transmission device manufacturing deviation is too large

The transmission gear gap of the transmission device of the operation organization of the large truck is different, and the shaft key is loose, which leads to the gnawing of the rail. For the operation organization of the respective drives, when the speed ratio difference of the motor is too large, the brake system adjustment tightness level is not the same, which will also cause the body to skew and gnaw the rail.