advantages of stacker

advantages of stacker

The Role and Advantages of Stacker Crane in Stereoscopic Warehouse

Automated stereoscopic warehouse is an important part of the modern logistics system, belongs to the multi-layer storage access to the elevated storage system, including warehouse control system, shelves, robots, stackers and shuttle car components, in the computer WMS system management role, the warehouse can realize the automatic entry and exit of goods, with the management system to achieve networking, belongs to the modern management measures. Among them, the stacker is the most important lifting and transportation equipment in the stereoscopic warehouse, and it is a sign representing the characteristics of the stereoscopic warehouse. Its main use is to operate in the channel of the stereoscopic warehouse, store the goods located in the tunnel entrance into the cargo box, or take out the goods in the cargo box and transport them to the tunnel entrance.

The stacker is the lifting equipment for the storage of goods in the warehouse. The stacker is an indispensable automation equipment in the automated stereoscopic warehouse system. In simple terms, the stacker is a cargo handling equipment. The application of the stacker is inseparable from the storage shelf, the stacker and the storage shelf are arbitrarily assembled together, according to the command issued by the computer to move, the use of the lifting system can store goods very quickly, take out the goods, so as to improve the efficiency of the automated stereoscopic warehouse.

Stacker is a derivative of automated warehouse, and the types are relatively rich. Stacker is an important equipment in automated stereoscopic warehouse, with the advantages of saving land and labor costs, rapid and accurate operation, its performance affects the ability of automated stereoscopic warehouse system, at the same time, its cost also affects the construction of automated stereoscopic warehouse investment.

What are the advantages of stackers in automated warehouse?

1. The intelligent system, in the event of an accident, or some emergency situations, the actual operation needs to be suspended, and the stacker will issue its own alarm sound to play the role of reminder.

2. Load protection system, if the total amount of goods to be borne by the stacker is relatively large, beyond the application load range of the stacker, the steel wire rope of the stacker will play a guarantee role.

3. The effect of light signal, when the stacker starts to work or stops working, the stacker will issue a warning tone.

4. The speed or height of the stacker storage goods can be adjusted, and the computer can directly adjust the horizontal height of the stacker to increase the working speed

5. The stacker provides great convenience for the logistics and transportation industry and the large-scale warehousing and logistics industry. The use of the stacker can not only improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the loss rate of the goods.

In addition, because the stacker can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, its actual utilization of area and storage capacity are much larger than the ordinary single-layer reality (generally 4-7 times the single-layer reality). The storage of goods can be fully mechanized and automated, effectively saving manpower and improving the efficiency of the entire warehousing process. Adopt advanced management and storage methods, effectively achieve “first in first out”, to avoid the loss of goods can not be timely in and out of the warehouse. Centralized storage is conducive to control and processing, especially the application of computer technology, not only can realize the active control of storage work, but also can carry out information processing, and better adapt to the requirements of dark, low temperature, toxic and other unique conditions.

A stacker is the ideal choice for a limited working range. The stacker is smaller than the forklift, whether manual, semi-electric, or fully electric stacker can provide greater maneuverability and ideal lifting options. Manual stackers can be lifted up to about 80 inches, while electric stackers have a better lifting height of more than 150 inches. Stackers are more cost-effective than forklifts and are the preferred choice for small businesses.

The stacker can achieve zero emissions and is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than forklifts. By using pallets or crates to store goods, the damage rate of goods is significantly reduced.

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