positioning technology of stacker

positioning technology of stacker

Positing and Precise Positioning Technology of Stacker Cranes

The positioning technology of stacker crane refers to determining the position of stacker crane in space through sensors, encoders and other equipment. Commonly used stacker crane positioning technologies include laser ranging, camera visual positioning and inertial navigation. Laser ranging technology determines the position of an object by emitting a laser beam and measuring the laser reflection time, which has the advantages of high accuracy and real-time performance. Camera visual positioning is to capture the stacker crane image through the camera and determine the position through algorithm analysis. The inertial navigation technology senses the movement status and position of the stacker through the inertial measurement unit (IMU). The application of these positioning technologies allows the stacker to accurately position and perform tasks in a small space, improving the efficiency of logistics operations.


1. Accurate positioning technology of stacker crane

With the development of the logistics industry, traditional stacker crane positioning technology can no longer meet the demand for high-precision positioning. The emergence of precise positioning technology fills this gap. Precise positioning technology mainly includes auxiliary positioning, ultra-wideband (UWB) positioning and laser radar.

UWB positioning technology uses ultra-wideband signals to achieve high-precision positioning within short distances. UWB technology has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high positioning accuracy, and low energy consumption, and is suitable for precise positioning of indoor stackers.

The laser radar navigation technology is to scan and sense the environment around the stacker through the laser beam, so as to achieve high-precision positioning and obstacle avoidance. Lidar navigation technology has become one of the important technologies for accurate positioning of piler with its high precision and real-time performance.


2. Application of precise positioning technology in the logistics industry

The precise positioning technology of stackers is widely used in the logistics industry. First of all, precise positioning technology allows stackers to achieve high-precision positioning and handling in small spaces, improving the efficiency of logistics operations. Secondly, precise positioning technology can realize the collaborative operation of multiple stacker cranes and improve the cargo storage density and utilization rate of the warehouse. In addition, precise positioning technology can also realize the path planning and obstacle avoidance functions of the stacker, greatly reducing the risk of accidents during handling.

The impact of precision positioning technology on the logistics industry is not limited to improving the operational efficiency of stackers. The application of precise positioning technology can also help logistics enterprises to carry out real-time warehousing management and cargo tracking. By combining precise positioning technology with logistics management system, enterprises can realize real-time positioning and monitoring of goods, improve the refined management level of warehousing operations, reduce the loss and misplacement of goods, and improve the traceability and reliability of the overall logistics process.

Precise positioning technology can also provide data support for logistics enterprises, through the real-time positioning information of the stacker, combined with the statistical analysis ability of the logistics management system, enterprises can evaluate and optimize the efficiency of warehouse operations, timely adjust human resources and equipment configuration, improve resource utilization and operational benefits.

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By achieving high-precision positioning and handling, the efficiency and safety of logistics operations are improved, and it also provides logistics companies with more refined and traceable management methods. With the continuous advancement and development of technology, it is believed that precise positioning technology will bring more innovation and changes to the logistics industry, and promote the development of the logistics industry in a more efficient and intelligent direction.