kiln production

kiln production

Influence of Kiln Car Manufacturing Quality on Kiln Production


When the sintered brick tunnel kiln is normally ignited and produced, it generally does not stop the kiln. However, sometimes the kiln is forced to cease fire due to quality problems with the kiln car, resulting in the kiln not being able to produce normally. Therefore, the quality of kiln car manufacturing will directly affect the normal operation of the kiln.


1. The quality of kiln car manufacturing is the key, and the design and material selection is fundamental

In the manufacturing process of the kiln car, in addition to the reasonable design, the material selection of the kiln car is a crucial part. There are different channels for supplying steel products in the market, and different manufacturers. Controlling the quality of materials is the key to manufacturing kiln cars. How to control the requirements of materials? As far as the steel kiln car is concerned:


First, it is necessary to meet the production needs of the kiln in hot state according to the physical and chemical indexes and physical performance indexes of the selected materials; When the required section steel is produced, the geometric size has a negative deviation of the design, but it is also within some required deviations, but in the actual use process, there will be more or less different degrees of stress deformation during the operation of the kiln car. This will directly affect the change of the structure size of the whole kiln car, resulting in the phenomenon of collision with the kiln wall when the kiln car is connected.


Second, the technical requirements of the welding parts of the kiln car, the main beam, the connecting beam and the stress point of the lifting machine must be clearly specified. In many kiln car design process is not given clear provisions, to bring no basis for the difference between good and bad, especially the main beam, that is, the welding between the stress beam and the stress beam according to the conventional groove welding, fillet welding, the specific weld design should also give a certain data description. In practice, it is found that some manufacturers ignore the key parts in order to save labor, which brings the accident of kiln car collapse in the production and operation process;


Third, the bottom of the kiln car must not be simplified in the selection of materials, especially the kiln car with a relatively large area, in the design of the reinforcement plate, the connection between the plate and the plate should be fully welded, and indirect welding must not occur. However, some manufacturers use indirect welding in order to reduce labor and save materials, and there is a series of heat at the bottom of the kiln car during operation, and some material leakage phenomenon, resulting in debris blockage in the kiln track, so that the kiln car can not run normally and smoothly. In the design process of the kiln car sand seal plate, some design departments welded the kiln car sand seal plate and the kiln owner beam in a whole, but this structure is uneven under the influence of high temperature, which is easy to deform the sand seal plate, resulting in the collision between the sand seal plate and the sand seal groove, and the operation is not smooth. According to the experience of some manufacturers, the sand seal plate should be changed to oval hole bolts connected with the main beam, so that the sand seal plate can freely adjust its size under the condition of uneven heat;


The fourth is the choice of kiln wheels and bearings. The wheel is the stress point of kiln car during operation. The assembly and selection of bearings is the key to the smooth running of wheels. The wheel strength is insufficient, the surface hardness is shallow or there is no quenching at all, resulting in faster wheel wear and changing the running circumference of the wheel; There is also the improper selection of bearings, which increases the operating resistance of the kiln car, increases the wear, directly leads to the increase of the load of the lifting machine, and the operation is not smooth, which will make the track surface in the kiln wear too fast, affecting the change of the geometric size in the kiln. Experienced manufacturers have proved that the selection of bearings must pay attention to the gap between the ball and the shaft ring to be reasonable, and can not choose a bearing with a small gap. The surface hardening hardness of the wheel is 3~5mm;

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The fifth is to ensure the basic geometric size of the wheel and the body assembly. Especially the large section of the tunnel kiln car, when assembling the kiln car, the geometric size of each part should be accurately controlled on the tooling platform, and it should not be assembled at will on the outer track of the kiln, especially the multi-wheel kiln car, its smoothness and connection axis should be arranged and assembled, and it can not be assembled single. After assembly, the necessary size of each wheel and track contact or contact surface should be comprehensively checked, the concentricity should meet the body axis, the error value should not break through the design requirements, and the kiln car should be connected to run more than twice in the whole kiln in order to find other problems. In this stage must emphasize the fine adjustment of hardcover.


2. Kiln car masonry is one of the key steps to ensure the quality of kiln car

To ensure the overall quality of the kiln car, the kiln car masonry must not be ignored. Many manufacturers have insufficient understanding of kiln car masonry. When the kiln is produced, the kiln car is not inspected clearly, and the maintenance is not paid attention to. In particular, the hidden quality hazards in the kiln car are not found and dealt with at any time, resulting in undue accidents when the kiln car enters the kiln. As far as the kiln car masonry is concerned, the kiln car should also be similar to the masonry quality requirements of the kiln body, the ash joint should not be too large, but the group building method should be reasonable, and some geometric dimensions must master the points that can be negative but not positive and can not be negative. In particular, the flatness of the mesa masonry can not be ignored. When the kiln is produced, the residual brick dust on the countertop should be cleaned up anytime and anywhere.


For inexperienced manufacturers, a safety inspection door should be set up on the return line outside the kiln and at the entrance end of the kiln head. When the brick is filled, it goes through the safety inspection door before entering the firing kiln, which is conducive to ensuring the geometric size of the product placement, which can control the product in the kiln will not collide with the kiln wall, and can make the kiln run smoothly. Then, for cast-in-place monolithic kiln car, it is difficult to repair the damaged monolithic kiln car compared with masonry kiln car, but the cast-in-place kiln car has better heat insulation and sealing performance. When the kiln car is running in the kiln, it must always pay attention to the damaged brick (blank) block falling into the kiln channel. The emergence of this problem is most likely to cause damage to the kiln body, such as destroying the curved seal brick structure, causing the kiln car to derail when the top car, the phenomenon of reversing in the kiln.