crane drum set

crane drum set

How to Determine the Length of the Crane Drum Set

The crane drum group is used to wind the wire rope in the lifting mechanism to transfer power. The drum set consists of a drum, a drum set, a gear coupling, a bearing bracket and other components. The drum used by the crane is a compound drum, and there are spiral grooves on both sides of the drum, and the spiral direction is opposite. The two ends of the wire rope are respectively fixed on the outer ends of the left and right spiral grooves. So how to determine the length of the crane drum set?

Method for determining the length of crane drum set

The length of the drum set must ensure that when the hook is lowered to a relatively low position, each end of the rope remaining on the drum should not be less than 3 turns to reduce the load on the rope fixation. In order to increase the service life of the crane accessories wire rope, the diameter of the drum set for winding the wire rope should be in a certain proportion to the diameter of the wire rope. It should be determined according to factors such as the type of crane and the frequency of use of the drum set.

The total length of the wire rope can be determined based on the rated lifting height of the crane, and the number of wire ropes can be roughly estimated using the diameter of the drum set. By multiplying this number by the width of the rope groove, the length of the crane drum group can be obtained.

Crane drum set of wire rope out of groove

When the deflection Angle of the wire rope relative to the rope groove is too large, the wire rope will grind the groove edge or jump, resulting in serious wear of the wire rope. The allowable declination Angle of the grooved steel wire rope relative to the rope groove is 40-50, when it is greater than 6°, the wire rope may jump, the common reason is that the distance from the hook pulley set to the drum is too small, then the appropriate adjustment can be made. It may also be due to the position of the hook block and the drum skew, it may also be due to the skew caused by the oblique lifting of goods and make the wire rope jump.

Scrap standard for crane drum sets

The drum shaft of the crane drum group is subject to bending and shear stress, if the crack is found, it should be scrapped in time, otherwise it may break the shaft accident; The wear depth of the drum groove should not exceed 2mm, when it exceeds the groove can be re-turned, but the wall thickness of the drum should not be less than 80% of the original wall thickness; There should be no cracks in the wheel hub, and the connecting screws on it should be tightened.

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