crane drum

crane drum

Crane Drum Structure and Usage Requirements

The crane drum is a component used to wind the wire rope. During the lifting process, the wire rope is retracted and unwound through the drum, driving the pulley block and the fetching device to achieve lifting and lowering. The material of the reel is preferably cast steel, because the cast steel reel has higher hardness, better wear resistance and strong impact resistance. Next, we will explain to you the types, structures and usage requirements of crane drums.

Type of reel

According to the shape of the cylinder, it can be divided into long-axis drum and short-axis drum;

According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into cast reel and welded reel;

According to whether there is a rope groove on the surface of the drum body, it can be divided into smooth drum and spiral groove drum;

According to the number of layers of wire ropes wound on the drum, it can be divided into single-layer winding drums and multi-layer winding drums.

The structure of the drum

The reel is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a connecting disk, a reel shaft and a bearing bracket.

Safety requirements for reel use

The fixation of the end of the wire rope should be checked once a month. Regardless of the conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the wire rope retains sufficient safety loops on the drum. There should be a flange at the end of the single-layer winding drum. After all the wire ropes are retracted from the drum, the remaining height of the end flange should be greater than twice the height of the wire rope to prevent the wire rope from slipping from the end of the drum.

Remind everyone that when the crane drum has cracks, the drum wall wear reaches 20% of the original wall thickness, or the rope groove wear is greater than 1/4 of the wire rope diameter and cannot be repaired, the drum should be scrapped and replaced with a new drum.