data of stereoscopic warehouse

data of stereoscopic warehouse

What Data do You Need to Know to Build a Smart Warehouse?


The stereoscopic warehouse realizes the rationalization of the warehouse high-level, the automatic of access, the simplicity of operation, and effectively improves the utilization rate of warehouse space, which is welcome by enterprises. So, what data do companies need to know to build stereoscopic warehouse?


1. Main performance parameters

(1)Inventory capacity; (2) system operation ability; (3) information processing; (4) peripheral logistics processing; (5) man-machine connection ability.


2. It is necessary to complete the planning of an intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, and relevant experienced personnel should be arranged to carry out the following operations

(1) Demand analysis; (2) determine the form and specification of the goods unit; (3) model building; (4) determine the process flow and simulate the working capacity of the warehouse system; (5) determine the control mode and warehouse management mode; (6) determine the technical parameters and configuration of the automation system; (7) determine the boundary conditions; (8) put forward requirements for civil and public works; (9) form a complete system.


3. The enterprise procurement should be clear in advance of the specific requirements for equipment

(1) Functional requirements; (2) requirements for degree of automation; (3) auxiliary requirements; (4) scope of system work and procurement; (5) Boundary conditions; (6) construction period requirements; (7) service requirements.


4. The construction of intelligent stereoscopic warehouse should pay attention to the problems

(1) Do not over-pursue the performance of a single device, while ignoring the performance of the overall system.

(2) Different requirements should be appropriate, the key is to meet their own use requirements. The requirements are too low to meet the needs of use, and too high requirements may cause the system to cost too much, reduce stability, difficult implementation, inconvenient maintenance or poor flexibility.

(3) Determine the time limit to be realistic, too short time limit may cause the quality of the system to decline. Or it may be impossible to meet the deadline.

(4) The daily maintenance of the system is very important, and the same as the maintenance of the car, the system should be regularly maintained to keep the system in good working condition, extend the service life of the system, and find the fault in time.

(5) In order to make good use of intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, high-quality management and maintenance personnel are needed, and corresponding supporting measures are needed.