removal and installation of crane wheel set

removal and installation of crane wheel set

Removal and Installation Method of Crane Wheel Set

The wheel set is one of the important crane accessories. Since the crane cart is running all the time to wear the crane wheel set, it is normal for the crane wheel set to have internal bearing damage and wheel set edge grinding in places with frequent use. If there is a problem with the wheel set, it must be replaced in time. If it is not replaced in time, accidents may occur during use. The sequential step-by-step method for the removal and installation of the crane wheel set is for your reference.


1. The disassembly steps

(1) Remove the connecting bolts of the wheel axel end coupling;

(2) Remove the fastening bolts connecting the corner bearing box of the wheel set to the end beam;

(3) Use the lifting screw or jack of the crane to jack up the crane bridge, so that the wheel tread is about 10mm away from the top surface of the track, pry the wheel set and pull it put along the track surface for removal and replacement;

(4) Hoist the pre-assembled, new drive wheel with shaft end gear coupling halves onto the crane rail;

(5) Push the wheel set close to the installation position, adjust the jack to lower the car body slowly, penetrate the fastening bolts, and screw on the nuts to ensure safety;

(6) Properly tighten the bolts in the horizontal direction, and then tighten the bolts in the vertical direction accordingly, alternately, turn the wheel while tightening, check whether the wheel rotation is flexible, and check the horizontal and vertical deflection of the wheel installation;

(7) Align the screw holes of the half body of the gear coupling at the wheel axel end and the half body of the driven shaft coupling of the reducer, penetrate the connecting bolts and tighten them;

(8) After everything is normal, drop the car body.


2. The installation steps

(1)The installation of the wheel set needs to be fitted according to the drive shaft;

(2)The wheel set is placed on the pad of the workbench. The driving shaft needs to be vertically aligned with the hole and keyway, and the mating surface should be lubricated;

(3)The upper end of the driving shaft is cushioned with a briquetting block and is symptomatic. After starting the hydraulic press to apply pressure, and after finding that there is no problem, gradually increase the pressure to the installation position;

(4)The two ends of the shaft need to be fitted into the shaft sleeve and the barrel cover with bolts;

(5)After the inner ring of the bearing is heated by boiling oil, put it into the car tire while it is hot, and install the angular bearing of the outer ring and the spacer ring on the shaft;

(6)The inner ring of  the bearing needs to be inserted into the washer and tightened with nuts;

(7)The two ends are respectively installed with stuffy covers, and reinforced and fastened.