Glory Rail Introduces New Die-Forging Equipment for Rail Clamper Line Upgrade

Die-Forging Equipment

Die-Forging Equipment

Glory Rail introduced new die-forging equipment for the upgrade of the rail clamp production line. The equipment is currently in place. The production department invites industry experts to enter the venue for guidance. In the future, GloryRail will fully upgrade the rail clamp products to improve forging quality.

Die-forging equipment-800 tons and 1000 tons hot die forging hydraulic presses are used for die forging and finishing forgings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in batches. The forgings forged by hydraulic presses have high strength and precision, and the utilization rate of die-forging materials is high. With high efficiency, easy-to-realize die forging process automation, labor saving, low noise, and vibration, etc., it is an indispensable high-precision forging equipment for modern forging production. Die forging production equipment – 800 tons 1000 tons hot die forging hydraulic press Features: high production efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for automatic forging lines.

The hot die forging hydraulic press adopts the upper and lower ejector design.  It can reduce the draft angle, and the forging material is saved. High anti-tilt rate, die forging production equipment – 800 tons 1000 tons hot die forging hydraulic press frame guide rail precision is high, and the quality of forgings is good. It adopts CNC PLC control and multiple safety operation loop systems to ensure the safety of operators. There are working windows on the left and right sides of the machine body, which makes forgings transfer convenient and safer.

Glory Rail is committed to providing more efficient and stable solutions and products for rail systems. Saving energy and reducing costs for customers is our service tenet, and providing quality and reliable products is our principle and bottom line. Serve every customer well and enhance the reputation of Made in China.