crane track wheels

crane track wheels

How to Maintain and Repair Crane Track Wheels

Wheels are devices used to support the load of the crane and enable the crane to travel repeatedly on the track. The wheel set is mainly composed of wheels and axles, bearings and bearing boxes. The quality of the wheel set will have a great impact on the use of the crane. Therefore, not only the tracks need to be inspected frequently, but the crane track wheels must also be strictly inspected after running for a period of time to ensure the normal operation of the track wheels.

Maintenance method of track wheel

1. At that time is not allowed to have friction sprocket tooth side phenomenon, if the offset of the two wheels is too large, it will be prone to chain acceleration damage, in the replacement of the sprocket must pay attention to check and adjust the offset.

2. Its stainless steel type should be suitable in terms of tightness, if it is too tight, it will increase the power consumption, and the bearing is also easy to wear; If it is too loose, the chain will easily jump and break. Then its tightness is: it rises and falls in the middle of it, and the center distance between the two is about 2%-3%.

3. The new chain is too long and is extended after use. Are very difficult to adjust, can be removed as the case, but must be even.

4. If the damage to the sprocket is found to be more serious, it is necessary to change the new sprocket and chain at the same time to ensure that the mesh is in good condition. You can’t just replace a new chain or a new sprocket alone. This will result in poor meshing, which will accelerate the damage of the new chain and sprocket. In addition, if it is found that the tooth surface of the sprocket is damaged to a certain extent, it should be turned over immediately. To extend the use time.

5. The old chain can not be mixed with some new chains, if used, it will be very easy to impact and break the chain when driving.

6. Lubricating oil needs to be added on time when the chain is working. It must enter the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear.

When the crane wheel is improper or needs maintenance, it can be repaired according to the above method and skills, so that it is more convenient to solve the problem of the crane wheel.

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