crane wheel set

crane wheel set

Crane Wheel Set Removal and Installation Methods

The wheel set is one of the important crane accessories. Since the crane wheel set is worn all the time when the crane truck is running, it is normal for the crane wheel set to have internal bearing damage and wheel set edge grinding in places with frequent use. If there is a problem with the wheel set, it must be replaced in time. If it is not replaced in time, accidents may occur during use.

Wheel structure and materials

The wheel is mainly composed of a tread and a rim. The tread is used to support the weight of the crane and make it run. The rim is used to guide and prevent the crane from derailing. Crane wheels are mostly made of steel, generally using steel above ZG310-570. Small-sized wheels can also be made of forged steel, generally no less than 45# steel; extra-large wheels are rolled with high-quality steel above 60# steel.

Classification of wheels

Wheels can be divided into three types according to the rim form: double rim, single rim and no rim. Usually, the wheels of large cars use double rims; the wheels of small cars use single rims. When installing, place the rims on the outside of the track; wheels without rims need to be equipped with additional horizontal wheels to guide and prevent derailment. The wheel rim height is 15mm~25mm, with a slope of 1:5, and in order to withstand the large lateral force of the crane, the thickness usually reaches 20mm~25mm. There are three main types of wheel treads: cylindrical, conical and drum-shaped. The wheel treads are generally made into cylindrical shapes. The large cart wheels of the centralized drive bridge-type hoisting machine adopt a conical tread with a taper of 1:10 and the big end on the inside to eliminate the rail-gnawing phenomenon caused by the different diameters of the driving wheels on both sides. The tread of the drum wheel is arc-shaped and is mainly used on electric hoist suspension trolleys and circular track cranes to eliminate additional resistance and wear.

In order to compensate for the track gauge error caused by the track or when installing the wheels, and avoid stress in the structure, the tread width B of the wheel should be slightly larger than the width of the rail top b, for double rim wheels B = b + (20~30) mm; The centrally driven conical wheel B=b+40mm; the tread of the single rim wheel should be wider.

Considering the convenience of manufacturing, installation and maintenance as well as the requirements for serialization, parts such as wheel forgings, shafts and bearings are often designed in the form of wheel sets. There are mainly two types of wheel sets for cranes: fixed-axis wheel sets and rotating-axis wheel sets.

1) Fixed axis wheel set

The fixed-axis wheel set has the wheels installed on the spindle through bearings. The driving torque is transmitted to the wheel 4 through the ring gear 3 fixed with the wheel, causing the wheel 5 to rotate around the spindle 1. The structure of this wheel set is relatively simple, but the installation position of the wheels is difficult to adjust and the wheels are difficult to replace.

2) Rotating axle wheel set

A rotating axle wheel set is a wheel mounted on a rotating shaft. The wheel that transfers torque by rotating the shaft is the active wheel, otherwise it is the driven wheel. According to the structure of the different shaft wheel group, it is divided into Angle bearing box wheel group and split wheel group two, the former wheel group bearing box is vertical Angle structure, the latter bearing box is split structure, the two forms of wheel group manufacturing cost is slightly higher, but because of easy to replace and adjust, more widely used.

Crane wheel set disassembly steps and methods

1. Remove the connecting bolts of the wheel axle end coupling.

2. Remove the fastening bolts connecting the wheel set’s angle bearing box and the end beam.

3. Use the crane’s lifting screw or jack to lift the crane bridge so that the wheel tread is about 10mm away from the top surface of the track. Pry the wheel set and pull it out along the track surface for removal and replacement.

4. Lift the pre-assembled, new driving wheel set with the shaft end gear coupling half to the crane track.

5. Push the wheel set close to the installation position, adjust the jack to slowly lower the vehicle body, insert the fastening bolts, and tighten the nuts to ensure safety.

6. Tighten the horizontal bolts appropriately, and then tighten the vertical bolts accordingly, alternately, and pull the wheel while tightening to check whether the wheel rotates flexibly, and check the horizontal and vertical deflection of the wheel installation.

7. Align the screw holes of the gear coupling half at the wheel axle end and the driven shaft coupling half of the reducer, insert the connecting bolts and tighten them.

8. After everything is normal, lower the car body.

Crane wheel set installation steps and methods

1. The wheel set installation requires accessories according to the keyway on the driving shaft;

2. The wheel set is placed on the pad of the workbench, the driving shaft needs to be vertically aligned with the turning hole and keyway, and the mating surface should be lubricated;

3. The upper end of the driving shaft is padded with a pressure block and is symptomatic. After starting the hydraulic press for a pressure test, if it is found that there is no problem, gradually pressurize it to the installation position;

4. Both ends of the shaft need to be installed with bushings and barrel covers with bolts;

5. After the inner ring of the bearing is heated by boiling oil, install it into the wheel axle while it is hot, and install the angular bearings of the outer ring and spacer ring onto the axle;

6. The inner ring of the bearing needs to be inserted into the washer and tightened with nuts;

7. Install blanking covers and through covers at both ends, and tighten them.

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