crane wheel slippage

crane wheel slippage

Causes of Bridge Crane Wheel Slippage

Bridge crane (including single beam bridge crane and double beam bridge crane) at both ends of the big wheel a total of 4 wheels, some customers found that their crane can not move after starting, in the operation of the wheel slip problem, after analysis, there may be the following reasons:

(1) The four wheels are not on the same plane

The four wheels of the bridge crane normally run on the same plane. If one wheel is not on the same plane, the angular bearing box should be adjusted with padding.

(2) Start too hard, or the braking response is too sensitive

When the crane starts or stops, if it is too sudden, it will cause a brief slip. The fault can be eliminated by adjusting the brake.

(3) Check whether there is oil on the tracks and wheels, whether there is water on the open-air track, etc.

When there is oil, water, etc. on the track, the friction between the wheel and the track may be reduced, leading to slipping. The track should be cleaned before use.

The wheel slippage of the bridge crane should be dealt with in time, otherwise it will easily cause the cart to run out of synchronization, cause rail chewing, and even cause the crane to derail.

How to check the method of wheel slip

The method of checking the skid of the car is generally to observe the torsion of the car body first, and then analyze the specific reasons. If the two wheels slip, check which wheel is serious, you can put an equal diameter of the lead wire on the track, push the trolley to press the lead wire, and then take out the lead wire, with a caliper to measure the thickness of the two lead wire pieces, thick indicating that the wheel pressure is small, thin indicating that the wheel pressure is large. Wheel pressure small wheel slip serious. It can also be used in the way of removing sand on the track to observe the degree of wheel force slip, spread the fine sand evenly, in the skid section of a track, drive the car here, and start a few times, if it is still slipping, it is not the problem of the driving wheel on the track, but the driving wheel on the other track is small. The same test can be repeated.