crane sheaves bearings

crane sheaves bearings

What Problems are Prone to Occur with Crane Sheaves Bearings?

The pulley block in the crane is an important component of the crane’s lifting. It generally consists of rolling bearings, sheaves, sheaves shafts, and rolling bearing spacers. Problems with the sheaves block will directly affect normal construction. What problems are prone to occur with crane sheaves bearings?

1. Crane overloaded

Overloading of lifting heavy objects directly causes the stress on the bearing of the lifting sheaves to increase, approaching or exceeding the force range. This is the most direct cause of bearing damage.

Solution: Add an overload limiting device. Calculate the maximum bearing capacity according to the load table. When the load force carried by the bearing is equal to the rated force, an alarm will sound to remind the operator.

2. Pulley quality problem

In the actual use of the crane, the weight of the load is transferred directly to the bearing through the steel wire rope wound on the sheaves, that is, the bearing needs to carry a larger weight. In the design of the crane, if the center of the sheaves and the bearing of the two items is not on the same plane, that is, the quality of the crane sheaves is not qualified, then the weight of the load can not be evenly distributed in the two bearings, this actual situation is often easy to cause the weight of the item carried by a bearing phenomenon, thus bringing great damage to the use of bearings. And then bring the risk of damage to the whole crane pulley bearing.

Solution: Change the pulley structure, increase the thickness of the sheaves, replace the bearing.

3. Heavy objects move too much

In the process of lifting heavy objects, if the operator does not control the center of the heavy objects, it is easy to appear that the speed of heavy objects is too fast, the existence of this phenomenon often causes the phenomenon of heavy objects shaking in the air, which will not only make the bearing on both sides of the uneven bearing load, but also bring greater lateral force to the bearing. The existence of lateral force, when its strength exceeds a certain limit value, is easy to cause the internal structure of the bearing to collapse, bearing utility failure, and eventually cause the lifting sheaves bearing damage phenomenon.

Solution: Construction according to the requirements of the equipment instruction manual, it is strictly prohibited to overload, keep the weight stable during the lifting and falling of the heavy object, and avoid the uneven bearing force caused by the shaking of the heavy object, and the increase of axial force and damage.

4. Design deviation

The design link of the crane is directly related to the safety factor of the crane and the use of quality and other factors, in the actual design link, there may be a lack of business ability of some designers, which leads to the design of the relevant safety factors of the crane, the designer only considers the static load of the lifting pulley bearing. The impact load of the lifting sheaves bearing is ignored, so that the safety factor and other factors of the whole crane are small and the carrying capacity is poor. In such a case, the bearing capacity of the designed crane can not meet the actual demand, which is easy to cause premature damage to the lifting sheaves bearing of the crane, accelerate the decline of life, and bring adverse effects to the use of the entire crane.

Solution: strictly control the sheaves quality, improve the sheaves production process and strictly control the sheaves into the factory inspection procedures, control the pulley groove center and sheaves center flatness meet the design requirements.

Engineering machinery construction generally pays attention to timeliness, and time is efficiency. As a special mechanical equipment, cranes must analyze the above situations to solve the problem of premature bearing damage in order to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted construction process.

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