hot rolled pulley

hot rolled pulley

The Difference Between Rolled Pulley and Forged Pulley

In daily industrial production, pulley as an important transmission component, its performance and stability directly affect the operating efficiency and safety of equipment. Do you know the difference between a rolled pulley and a forged pulley? What are the advantages of each?

Rolling pulley

Hot rolling pulley refers to the special mechanical parts used in the process of processing the metal sheet with the required thickness and width through the rolling process of the rolling mill after a series of pretreatment procedures under high temperature conditions. It is usually made of large steel plates through layering, drilling, rolling, welding and other processing.

Hot rolled pulley is made of high strength steel plate as raw material by hot rolling process. Hot rolling is the process of rolling steel plates at high temperatures to give them a certain shape and size. This process can improve the strength and hardness of the pulley, while reducing the consumption of raw materials.

The structure of hot rolled pulley is usually divided into three parts: wheel body, rim and bearing seat. The wheel body is the main part of the pulley, and the rim connects the wheel body and the bearing seat, which plays the role of supporting and transmitting force. The bearing seat is used to install the bearing and ensure the smooth operation of the pulley.

The hot rolling pulley has the advantages of high frequency, wear resistance, high precision, large torque and large diameter; Therefore, hot rolled pulley is widely used in heavy industry, such as steel production line, shipbuilding, wind energy, aerospace, port machinery, lifting equipment, mining machinery, construction machinery and other fields.

Forged pulley

Forging pulley is the forging process to heat the metal material to a high temperature state, and then the hammer or press to plastic deformation.

Forged pulley has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, good wear resistance and so on. The advantage of forged pulley is that it has a high bearing capacity and good safety performance, so it has a wide range of applications in heavy duty situations.

Forged pulley has high strength and lightweight characteristics, higher durability and fatigue resistance. It is an important part with high load and severe working conditions in related machinery. Forging pulley is mainly used for large cranes such as mining machinery, port machinery and construction projects.

Factors to consider when selecting a pulley

When selecting a pulley, you should consider the load, speed, accuracy and other requirements of the actual application. In addition, you also need to consider the material, size, installation method and other factors of the pulley to ensure that the pulley has good performance and safety in actual applications.