crane hook types

crane hook types

How Many Types of Crane Hooks Can be Divided Into?

The hook is often suspended on the wire rope of the hoisting mechanism with the help of pulleys and other components. During the working process of the crane, all hoisted items must be lifted by hooks. Crane hooks are a very critical component of the lifting machinery and are usually classified according to the materials used, manufacturing processes, uses and other related factors.

Different types of crane hooks may differ in shape, production process, operation method or other characteristics. Different types of crane hooks usually meet different usage needs, rated loads, sizes and categories.

Common crane hook types

1. Single hook vs. double hook

2. Forged hooks VS sandwich hooks

3. Closed VS semi-closed hook

4. Electric swivel hook

1. Single hook and double hook

The main difference between these two types is the number of hooks. When the lifting load does not exceed 75 tons, it is suitable to use a single hook, which is simple and easy to use. When the lifting load exceeds 75 tons, double hooks are suitable because the load-bearing capacity is relatively higher.

2. Forged hooks and sandwich hooks

The biggest difference between forged hooks and sandwich hooks is the manufacturing method.

Forged hook: Forged hook is forged from a single piece of high-quality low-carbon steel. After slow cooling, the hook can have good stress resistance (usually in the range of 16Mn to 36MnSi).

Sandwich hooks: Their manufacturing method is slightly more complicated than forged hooks. They are made of several steel plates riveted together and have relatively higher stress resistance and safety properties. Even if some parts of the hook are damaged, it can continue to operate. You can choose a single or a pair of mezzanine hooks to use according to your needs.

3. Enclosed hooks and semi-enclosed crane hooks

When you need to consider accessories for the hook, they can choose enclosed and semi-enclosed crane hooks to ensure that the lifting process is both smooth and safe.

Enclosed hook: Accessories for enclosed crane hooks are relatively difficult and more time-consuming to use, but their safety performance and load-bearing capacity are also relatively higher.

Semi-enclosed hook: This hook is safer than a standard hook and easier to install and remove than an enclosed hook.

4. Electric rotating hook

The electric swivel hook is a precision device that improves the crane’s maneuverability and efficiency during container lifting and transportation. These hooks also keep cargo stable as they rotate during work. Even when moving multiple containers simultaneously in a limited space, these hooks are not only convenient to operate, but also quite efficient.

The specific choice of hook depends on the shape and weight of the object being lifted, the working environment and the type and specification of the lifting equipment. Because falling pendants can cause great safety hazards to people’s personal safety, when selecting a hook, you must choose a suitable hook and conduct regular inspections.

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