crane wheel forging steps

crane wheel forging steps

Forging steps for crane wheels

The crane wheel generally refers to the casting crane, the material box charging crane, the slab handling crane, the steel coil clamp crane, the disk crane and the other bridge crane that serves the higher level of the metallurgical plant. Due to the change of steelmaking, billet casting and steel rolling process in metallurgical enterprises, the traditional crane wheels such as stripping crane, soaking furnace clamp crane, rigid rake crane, open-hearth bridge charging crane, soaking furnace cover crane have been gradually phased out.

Crane wheel forging stage first according to the customer to provide product material quality requirements, and drawing requirements, forging drawings design planning, according to the planned production program for blanking heating, through the metal is applied pressure, through plastic deformation, to shape the wheel forging shape of the right forgings. This pressure is achieved by operating a forging hammer or press. After forging, the forgings have a processing margin, and after passing the inspection, they can enter the next processing stage.

Crane wheel forging processing stage forging qualified forgings after cooling can be rough machining, car processing through the lifting hole processing, machining keyway processing after the workpiece. Then enter the comprehensive heat treatment, quenching, normalizing, modulation and other processes, heat treatment refers to the material in the solid state, through heating, cooling and means to obtain the expected organization and performance. After heat treatment, after testing the hardness of the product, in the recent finishing stage, the finishing finally controls the size to the drawing requirements through the high-speed speed control lathe, and the precision margin is 0.02㎜ to 0.03㎜.

Crane wheel forgings surface treatment after finishing the wheel forgings surface is usually spray paint, oil injection and other surface treatment according to customer requirements. Then wrap the winding film, put the forging on the tray, using the wooden box for foreign trade is usually plywood box. Fill it up, and then it’s ready for shipment. Wheel sets are composed of wheel forgings and other components, and we can also produce wheel sets.

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