Classifications of Crane wheel

The wheel is mainly composed of a tread and a rim. The tread is used to support the weight of the crane and make it run. The rim is used to guide and prevent the crane from derailing. Usually installed on the main beam or support structure of the crane

Wheels can be divided into three types according to the rim form: double rim, single rim and no rim. Normally, large car wheels use double rims; small car wheels use single rims; rimless wheels need to be equipped with additional horizontal wheels to guide and prevent derailment.

Double rim crane wheels are often used in large lifting equipment such as gantry cranes and bridge cranes because of their bilateral structure design, which makes them more stable and safer during operation.

According to the different parts of the wheel, it can be further subdivided into track wheels, guide wheels, overhead wheels and traveling wheels.

Glory Rail is the double rim crane wheel supplier from China, we can supply crane wheels in different diameters.

In addition to GB standard wheels, we can also produce wheels under different standards, including ISO standards, AAR standards, UIC standards, ASTM standards, etc. If you have drawings, we can design and produce products according to your drawings; if there are no drawings, our technicians can design according to your requirements first and then produce them. So just feel free to contact us!

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double rim crane wheel

FEATURES of Double Rim Crane Wheels:

Application: ports, ships, mines, engineering machinery

Material: high-strength alloy steel or other special alloy materials (65#, 65Mn, 42CrMo)

Usage: overhead crane, gantry crane, metallurgy casting cranes

Dimension: φ250, φ350, φ400, φ500, φ600, φ700, φ800, φ 1000, φ 1200 or as your require

Height: 25-30㎜

Production process: forging, casting

Heat treatment: quenching, tempering, normalizing, stress annealing

Product features: Made according to customer drawings (if there is no drawing, it can be made according to customer requirements)

Delivery time: 7 working days

Standards: ASTM, ASEM, DIN, JIS, ISO, BS, API, EN, GOST, etc.

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Double rim crane wheel

Advantages of Double Rim Crane Wheels:

1. Reduce wheel and rail wear: reduce friction and wear with the track, extend the service life of the wheel and track, and reduce maintenance costs

2. Higher load-bearing capacity: The double-rim wheel design provides a larger support area, allowing it to withstand higher weight and pressure, thus increasing the load-bearing capacity of the lifting equipment.

3. Wide application: Double-rim wheels are suitable for a variety of environments and working conditions, including industrial plants, construction sites, and port terminals, providing flexibility and diversity of application options.

4. Better stability: The structure of the two wheel rims makes their contact with the track more stable, reducing the shaking and instability of the vehicle during operation, and improving operational safety.

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