crane accessories

crane accessories

Accessories and Maintenance Measures that Require Regular Maintenance on the Crane

Crane accessories as an important part of lifting machinery equipment, daily maintenance and maintenance are particularly important, do not care because it is a small fault, and finally lead to a large outbreak of problems, so as to share this knowledge with you today.

No matter what the construction environment is, the wear and tear of crane accessories is inevitable. When wear and tear is severe, the original balance and stability of the crane will decrease, and the crane may break or malfunction. Here are a few things that you should pay attention to:

1. Seasonal maintenance

Carry out seasonal maintenance on crane accessories before winter and summer. The key is to replace the appropriate lubricant and take antifreeze and cooling measures. This maintenance should be combined with regular maintenance as much as possible.

2. Metal structure maintenance

Main stress-bearing components must be checked regularly for overall or local fatigue deformation, looseness, instability, severe corrosion, cracks, damage, etc. During transportation, efforts must be made to prevent component deformation or collision damage. Check the connecting bolts or rivets, especially whether the vibrating parts are loose or damaged. Check the structural connections and welds for obvious deformation and cracking.

3. Parking and maintenance of small crane accessories

If mechanical equipment is out of service for more than one month, inspection and maintenance equivalent to one maintenance operation must be performed before use. During shutdown, maintenance must be performed as required.

4. Maintenance of safety protection device accessories

Check whether the installation of overload protection device, buffer, moment limiter, limit position limiter, anti-backward tipping device, wind protection device and protective device of the crane meets the design requirements, whether the operation of these devices is sensitive and reliable, whether the alarm signal can be sent in time if it exceeds the specification, and whether the power source running in the dangerous direction can be automatically cut off.

Common accessories for cranes

Wire rope: The wire rope of the crane is very important and usually needs to be maintained and replaced to ensure its load-bearing capacity and service life.

Slewing support: The slewing support is the core component of the crane. It supports and operates the boom and needs to be inspected and replaced regularly.

Engine, transmission and hydraulic system: These components need to replace the hydraulic fluid and filter elements within the specified time to ensure the normal operation of the crane.

Control valve: Each function of the crane needs to be controlled by electrical or hydraulic control valves, which require maintenance and replacement.

Hooks and spreaders: Cranes require different types and sizes of hooks and spreaders to meet different lifting needs.

Crane maintenance measures

1. Regularly replace the oil and filter elements: The engine, transmission and hydraulic system of the crane need to regularly replace the oil and filter elements to ensure their normal operation.

2. Check the wire rope: The wire rope of the crane needs to be checked regularly, including checking for broken wires, corrosion, deformation, etc., and replacing it if necessary.

3. Pay attention to machine cleaning: The crane needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent dust and moisture accumulation while keeping the machine’s appearance tidy.

4. Check machine components: Regularly check key components such as slewing bearings and control valves to ensure their normal operation.

5. Correct operation: Crane operators need to always pay attention to safe operating procedures to ensure the normal operation and safety of the crane.

Maintaining and replacing crane accessories is the key to the normal operation of the crane. Regular inspection and improvement of the crane’s condition are key measures to ensure the normal operation of the crane. At the same time, using the crane correctly and paying attention to safe operation are also important measures to ensure the normal operation and service life of the crane.