stereoscopic warehouse

stereoscopic warehouse

4 Common Stereoscopic Warehouses and Application Scenarios

The application of automated warehousing systems is becoming more and more widespread. In order to suit different application scenarios, various types of stereoscopic warehouses have emerged. There are four common types of stereoscopic warehouses: stacker stereoscopic warehouses, multi-layer shuttle car stereoscopic warehouses, sub-basic shuttle car stereoscopic warehouses, and four-way shuttle car stereoscopic warehouses.

1. Stacker crane stereoscopicwarehouse

The stacker stereoscopic warehouse mainly picks up goods through a stacker with a cargo fork, and then runs along the track and the loading platform along the stacker column to the designated position.

The stacker, also known as the tunnel type stacker, is the core of the automated stereoscopic warehouse conveying system. Its main purpose is to shuttle back and forth in the tunnel of the high-rise shelf of the stereoscopic warehouse, store the goods located in the tunnel entrance into the cargo box, or take the goods in the shipment box to the tunnel entrance. Technically, the international advanced frequency conversion or servo control system and laser recognition system are used for full closed-loop control. With barcode or laser ranging and other high-precision recognition methods, to achieve high-precision operation.

According to the different structure, the stacker can be divided into single column stacker and double column stacker. Single-column stacker has a compact structure, and the use scenarios are mostly stereoscopic warehouses with cargo weight of 50~100 kg, high turnover rate and fast running speed, such as finished products and semi-finished products warehouses in new energy, food, medicine, and electricity industries. The double column stacker has stable structure, safe and reliable, and strong applicability. It is often used in automated stereoscopic warehouses with low turnover requirements, large cargo weight and height greater than 10m, such as raw materials and finished products warehouses such as new energy, auto parts, steel industry, chemical industry, cold chain storage.

2. Multi-layer shuttle car stereoscopic warehouse

Multi-layer shuttles first appeared in 2003 and were developed by the German Logistics Research Institute. They solve the storage and inbound and outbound picking of different types of materials in automated storage systems. They are mainly used in high-speed picking scenarios with multi-product specifications and multi-storage such as production line side warehouses.

Multi-layer shuttle and stereoscopic shelf, elevator, box conveying system, WMS and WCS system combined to achieve intensive storage and intelligent management of stereoscopic warehouse, shuttle can use its own clamp-type fork to remove the material box, put it in the designated exit position, and can store the material box in the entrance position in the designated cargo space. It is the best choice for multi-variety small goods to person dismantling selection, to achieve goods first in first out, first in after out and other modes. Suitable for e-commerce, food, medicine, auto parts, electronics, biopharmaceutical and other industries with lightweight material boxes, cartons and other storage units only logistics automation intensive warehousing.

As a major technological innovation in smart logistics equipment, the multi-layer shuttle system is used for high cargo density. It has outstanding advantages in storage, high-efficiency access, and improved warehousing space utilization. It is favored by various major industries. The market demand is becoming more and more strong, and the application scenarios are also constantly expanding. its market size. While continuing to expand, technology continues to develop in the direction of higher stability, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, more flexible cargo space management, and more flexible expansion.

3. Shuttle car stereo library

The shuttle is a kind of intelligent handling equipment in the automatic logistics storage system. It has the characteristics of dynamic load transfer, which can make the transportation layout of the goods between the various shelves more compact and simple, and thus improve the transportation efficiency of the goods. High degree of automation and flexibility. The shuttle car is composed of bidirectional shuttle car and shuttle car and track, walking roadway, goods roadway, track through type dense shelves, reciprocating elevator, floor changing elevator, warehouse delivery line, warehouse delivery line, computer control system

The shuttle is suitable for the transfer and transportation of various pallets of goods, widely used in warehouses, warehousing logistics centers, and most commonly seen in dense stereoscopic warehouses.

The shuttle car can be said to be the mother car leading a series of children on the main road of the warehouse. When a specified side road is reached, the car can be automatically released and then operate independently to the side road to carry out work. The mother car continues to move forward in this link, and the storage link invisibly saves a lot of time and greatly promotes the work efficiency.

4. Four-way shuttle garage

The four-way shuttle car is one of the very important intelligent handling equipment in the automatic stereoscopic warehouse. The shuttle car can travel along the longitudinal or transverse track direction on the cross track through the high-precision guide rail installed on the shelf of the stereoscopic warehouse, and reach any designated warehouse place for the automatic input and exit of unit materials. At the same time, the shuttle rail has both cargo transportation and cargo storage functions, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of storage space.

The four-way shuttle is a channel and bridge connecting the working area, the production site and the storage area. It has the advantages of high automation, saving manpower and time, convenient and quick operation, and improving operation efficiency. Generally used for raw material warehouse, line warehouse, finished product warehouse unit material access, can make reasonable use of storage space, improve warehouse utilization, is an intensive storage solution. The four-way shuttle can be used in irregular, special-shaped, large length and width, large or small efficiency in and out of the warehouse, or a few varieties of large quantities, multi-varieties of large quantities of warehouses, it has high flexibility and strong site adaptability.

The four-way shuttle is very suitable for use in cold storage, logistics warehouses and other scenarios. It is another important automation solution after the stacker crane stereoscopic warehouse. The four-way shuttle stereoscopic warehouse has the characteristics of large storage capacity increase, high operating efficiency, rich application scenarios, and high scalability, which can help enterprises achieve process automation, process visualization, and online and offline integration goals.

Hope this article will give you a deeper understanding of the common types of stereoscopic libraries. If you also need to build your own stereoscopic warehouse, you can also contact us. We have professional technicians who can design the most suitable stereoscopic warehouse according to your needs.